Yoga Day

International Yoga Day 2020: Theme, Importance and Activities

Happy International Yoga Day to you. We wish you are in the best of your physical and mental health. Keep practicing Yoga everyday.

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self and to the self”

The year 2020 will mark as the sixth edition of International Yoga Day. We clearly are aware that how drastically the circumstances are changing for the world and due to Covid-19 most of the countries have enabled the lockdown so because of this reason the theme of this year’s international yoga day set by United Nations, is “yoga at home and yoga with family”.

This year arrived as a shock for human beings none of us has imagined such a hardship. This decade started with a whack many shocking incidents have happened until now. Locust attack, forest fires, cyclones, unemployment, economic crisis. All these things have endured mental and physical outburst. The world is suffering from a global pandemic and this is the time to stimulate immunity and take various health measures.

Yoga can help you to boost immunity and can provide relief from stress, anxiety and depression.

The theme of the International yoga day 

 “yoga at home and yoga with family “

This is the time to acknowledge the benefits of yoga. The best way to survive and prevent yourself from Covid-19 is to stay at home until it’s necessary to go out and we also have to practice social distancing. Many physical activities are stopped due to a pandemic as people are staying at their homes.

This theme highlights the importance of yoga at home in difficult times. 

If you are a beginner at yoga then it is the best time to start it and make it a habit for life and if you already have this habit then take a pledge to encourage others to build this habit and make them aware about the benefits of yoga.

Every year we will celebrate the International yoga day on 21st June. The World Health Organisation (WHO) believes in the importance of yoga and it has incorporated yoga in the Global Action plan on physical activity 2018-2020.

Importance of International Yoga Day

Yoga is an ancient practice and Indians have known yoga for a thousand years. There was no such yoga day in the past but Indian prime minister Narendra Modi formulated a proposal in his address during the opening of the 69th session of the global assembly in 2014 that yoga should be celebrated and recognised globally. Narendra Modi suggested 21st June to be celebrated as international yoga day because many countries have the majority of winter months around the year where days are shorter and nights are longer but 21st June around the world is recorded as the longest day of the year and hence he wanted it to be yoga day.

For the first time in Indian history, yoga day was celebrated in India at Rajpath in New Delhi on 21st June.

Narendra Modi and other people enacted 21 yoga asanas for 35 minutes. Two Guinness book world records were accomplished. 

  1. One was with the maximum number of yoga participants which were 35,985 which was later broken by Ramdev baba with over 100,000 yoga participants in Kota, Rajasthan.
  1. Another record was with the maximum number of participating nationalities that is 84. 

Activities for the International Yoga Day

  1. Take a pledge to practise yoga daily.
  2. Introduce your friends and family members to yoga.
  3. Relief yourself from stress, anxiety and depression by practising yoga.
  4. Make it a tool to increase your immunity and fight COVID-19.

Yoga is a powerful state that can unite you in many ways so let’s come together and pledge to make yoga a way of life because you can’t always control what goes outside but you can always control what goes inside.

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