Surya Namaskar

Top 10 mistakes during Surya Namaskar

Absorb the energy and possibility of today by doing Surya Namaskar but before that just remember this list of mistakes and you will be good to go.

Every day is a new beginning and day by day and step by step you will make it there. Absorb the energy and possibility of today by doing Surya namaskar but before that just remember this list of mistakes and you will be good to go.

The expert in anything was once a beginner

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Not warming up before Surya Namaskar

Every exercise should start from a little warm-up session. Before starting Surya namaskar routine, it is very essential to warm up. If you are just starting out and also if your body is not very flexible. Another thing which important is cooling yourself down after the Surya namaskar it helps you relax after the session.

Irregularities in breathing

As a beginner you may forget the sync between your body movements and breathing. Start slowly by doing both the things together and remember that breathing is also an important part of Surya namaskar.

Not performing Hastauttanasana

Missing the Hastauttanasana can break the cycle of breathing and movement. It is beneficial for the strengthening your spine and it also rejects the possibility of strain in your neck. So make sure you do Hastauttanasana.

Pressurising the lower spine during Dandasana

Learners frequently place pressure on their lower spine. Because of it, the lower body drifts downwards on the floor which leads to enormous back pain. The answer to this issue is straight forward. You should firstly place and then press your legs and palms onto the ground. After that draw in stomach and chest area muscles, as a result, you will have an erect spine.

Confusion between cobra pose and upward facing dog pose

Many learners get confused between the cobra pose and upward dog pose. They forget a step completely . They may lose focus of Breathing technique and miss out on one of the main steps of Surya namaskar. Cobra pose is very basic and can be done easily so first master the skill of that and then after completing Surya namaskar you can do the upward dog pose separately.

A mistake during Ashwa Sanchalanasana

The transition at the end of the set during ashwa sanchalanasana can be quite confusing and you might even forget to move forward during ashwa sanchalanasana. The stretching of the knees should be appropriate not too much as it may induce some sort of pain. For this you should focus on one leg at a time ,bend your knee properly and then move your other leg, bend it and straighten it .

Rushing into increasing the number of sets of Surya Namaskar

Start gradually do not rush into increasing the sets as it will be very tiring you might not be able to notice the mistakes that you are doing. When you slow down you can understand each and every step properly and if you are not doing asanas properly you can even notice pain and be careful about it next time.

Not performing a complete cycle

Surya namaskar is a 12 step exercise and you will need to start from pranam asana and return back to it for the completion of one cycle and then you can start another cycle . Remember to complete one full cycle first before jumping on to another.

Not being present in the moment mistake during Surya Namaskar

You will have to be fully conscious about your activities during the sun salutation so you can notice minute details about yourself like breathing in and out, muscle strain, body pain and hurting yourself during the exercise.

Not increasing sets gradually

Surya namaskar is a step by step process and should be done in 12 rounds but don’t be in a hurry to complete rounds. A round is complete when both left and right leg turns are taken one by one but as a beginner, you should gradually increase the rounds and take breaks in between. It might take you a few days to complete 12 rounds but don’t worry it is part of the process.

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