Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar

Sun salutation or Surya namaskar is a powerful yogic practice to stimulate the sun’s energy within us and to show gratitude towards the sun. When Surya namaskar is practised with chants it brings a sense of peace and harmony.

“Each morning we are born again. What we do today matters most” – Buddha

If you do Surya namaskar  15-20 times then you don’t need to do too many asanas and your body and mind will be filled with a lot of benefits from it. Read our Benefits of Surya Namaskar post to know all the benefits.

Sun salutation or Surya namaskar can be done with or without mantras. You can chant mantras at every step of Surya Namaskar or one mantra for every set of Surya namaskar. Chants enhance your experience and give you spiritual enlightenment with exercise.

Step By Step Surya Namaskar

Breathing in and out during Surya namaskar

Pranamasana (Prayer Pose)

Mantra and meaning
Om Mitraaya Namaha
One who is friendly to all.

Stand still and join your legs , close your eyes and have peace within yourself.

Stretch your hands and join them in front of you and then do a namaste .

Hastauttanasana (Raised Arms Pose)

Mantra and meaning
Om Ravaye Namaha
The shining or the radiant one.

Stretch and raise your hands up after that move and arch them backwards gently

Hastapadasana (Standing Forward Bend)

Mantra and meaning
Om Suryaya Namaha
The dispeller of darkness, responsible for generating activity.

Now exhale bend forward and down and touch your feets and hold them with your hands (if you can’t then try at least to touch with your fingertips initially) , try to touch your nose with your knees.

Ashwa Sanchalanasana (Equestrian Pose)

Mantra and meaning
Om Bhaanave Namaha
One who illuminates or the bright one.

Touch your hands on the ground near your legs and bend your left leg . Now  stretch , move your right leg backwards and stretch toes out behind you.

Lean your upper body backwards and look up on the sky .

Dandasana (Stick Pose)

Mantra and meaning
Om Khagaya Namaha
One who is all-pervading, one who moves through the sky.

By touching your hands on the ground bend your legs, join both the legs upright (like a plank).

Put your body weight on both legs and hands at this stage.

Ashtanga Namaskara (Salute with Eight Parts Pose)

Mantra and meaning
Om Pooshne Namaha
Giver of nourishment and fulfilment.

Bend your knees on the ground,put your hands straight on the ground now by bending your neck towards your knees try to touch your nose to knees

Slide your upper body forward and touch your chin to the ground in between your hands.

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

Mantra and meaning
Om Hiranya Garbhaya Namaha
One who has a golden coloured brilliance.

Straighten your legs on the ground and only bend your upper body from forward to backwards position and place your palms on the ground , put your weight on your palms .

Parvatasana (Mountain Pose)

Mantra and meaning
Om Mareechaye Namaha
Giver of light with infinite rays.

Bend and invert your body up wards like a “V” from middle part of your body, now and put your weight on both hands and legs and bend your neck towards your chest .

Ashwa Sanchalanasana (Equestrian Pose)

Mantra and meaning
Om Aadityaaya Namaha
The son of Aditi, the cosmic divine mother.

Move your right leg forward in between your hands . Bend and lean your body backwards, put your body weight on right leg.

Hastapadasana (Standing Forward Bend)

Mantra and meaning
Om Savitri Namaha
One who is responsible for life.

Move your left leg forward near right leg and join them together, touch and hold your feet with your hands and then try to touch nose with your knees .

Hastauttanasana (Raised Arms Pose)

Mantra and meaning
Om Arkaaya Namaha
One who is worthy of praise and glory.

Now Stand straight, raise your hands, lean and arch your upper body backwards with your hands to arching back.

Tadasana (Standing or Palm Tree Pose)

Mantra and meaning
Om Bhaskaraya Namaha
Giver of wisdom and cosmic illumination.

Come back and stand still with joining your hands together and do namaste with them.

Every individual should do surya namaskar once in their life and as they would start doing then there is no going back.

You can watch this video also. Credit: Mind Body Soul

Benefits of Surya Namaskar

benefits of surya namaskar

Surya Namaskar is best done early morning on a vacant stomach. Each round of Sun Salutation comprises of two sets, and each set is made out of 12 yoga presents. You may discover a few forms on the most proficient method to rehearse Sun Salutation. Be that as it may, it is fitting to adhere to one specific form and practice it consistently for best outcomes. Benefits of Surya Namaskar can be classified into two broad categories.

These two categories are:

  1. Physiological benefits of Surya Namaskar
  2. Psychological benefits of Surya Namaskar
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Physiological benefits of Surya Namaskar


The postures are a correct mix of warm-ups and asanas . It is an extensive exercise that benefits the whole body. The differing 12 postures stretch, provides strength , and helps in wellness levels of the body. It deals with the joints of wrists; the forward fold expands the appendages and makes the spine flexible.

Breathing endurance expands

It improves the limit of the lungs, stimulates oxygen gracefully and directs it to all the essential organs in the body.


Normal practice advances balance in the body

Tones stomach muscles and lose weight

When the Surya Namaskar is practiced regularly and at a fast pace, it stretches the abdominal muscles assisting you in reducing weight around the stomach area. Not only losing weight but it also helps to tone the abs and strengthen the muscles.


The spine, neck, shoulder, arms, hands, wrist, back and leg muscles, accordingly advancing in general adaptability.

Excellent detox

The active inhalation and exhalation process throughout the Surya namaskar helps blood oxygenate and keeps lungs ventilated.The ideal progression of new blood in the body is an extraordinary method to detox the body making it liberated from poisonous components and carbon dioxide.

Good for the heart

Assists with controlling pulse and heart issues Surya Namaskar is a characteristic solution for circulatory strain. The Surya Namaskar benefits the heart muscles and remedies of irregular pulses. The training likewise keeps sugar levels in charge subsequently keeping the heart issues under control.

Helps indigestion

Surya Namaskar helps in the smooth running of your stomach related framework. It expands the bloodstream to your stomach related tract, guaranteeing the better working of your digestive organs. The forward posture particularly helps in expanding the stomach space within by extending, consequently helping discharge the caught gas from your framework.

Manages the menstrual cycle

Females with irregular periods can utilize this yoga procedure to direct their menstrual cycles. Surya Namaskar additionally helps in the better guideline of the menstrual cycle. Routinely rehearsing the developments of the asana additionally help in facilitating the procedure of pain. Play out the asana ordinarily for getting more grounded muscular strength and for a less-pain encounter of the menstrual cycle.

Psychological benefits of Surya namaskar

A sleeping disorder

Surya Namaskar helps sleeping, disorder patients. It discharges pressure, strain, loosens up the psyche and initiates rest. It likewise guarantees that you don’t get reliant on drugs and can nod off normally.

Helps with Anxiety

Additionally encourages you to quiet down and dispose of uneasiness. It standardizes the movement of the endocrine organs and is particularly helpful to individuals with thyroid issues. And, helps in releasing stress and anxiety over a period of time.

Energetic and conscious

Like different asanas, this routine additionally centres around breathing activities. This loosens up your brain and strengthens it. The inner self, joined with a solid body causes your vitality levels to rise and makes you mindful.

Mistakes during Surya Namaskar

mistakes during surya namaskar

The expert in anything was once a beginner

Everyday is a new beginning and day by day and step by step you will make it there. Absorb the energy and possibility of today by doing Surya namaskar but before that just remember this list of mistakes and you will be good to go.

Not warming up before Surya Namaskar

Every exercise should start from a little warm up session. Before starting Surya namaskar routine it is very essential to warm up if you are just starting out and also if your body is not very flexible . Another thing which important is cooling yourself down after the Surya namaskar it helps you relax after the session.

Irregularities in breathing

As a beginner you may forget the sync between your body movements and breathing. Start slowly by doing both the things together and remember that breathing is also an important part of Surya namaskar.

Not performing Hastauttanasana

Missing the hastauttanasana can break the cycle of breathing and movement. It is beneficial for the strengthening your spine and it also rejects the possibility of strain in your neck. So make sure you do hastauttanasana

Pressurising the lower spine during Dandasana

Learners frequently place pressure on their lower spine because of it the lower body drifts downwards on the floor which leads to enormous back pain. The answer for this issue is straight forward, you should firstly place and then press your legs and palms onto the ground and after that draw in stomach and chest area muscles as a result you will have an erect spine .

Confusion between cobra pose and upward facing dog pose

Many learners get confused between the cobra pose and upward dog pose. They forget a step completely . They may lose focus of Breathing technique and miss out on one of the main steps of Surya namaskar. Cobra pose is very basic and can be done easily so first master the skill of that and then after completing Surya namaskar you can do the upward dog pose separately.

A mistake during Ashwa Sanchalanasana

The transition at the end of the set during ashwa sanchalanasana can be quite confusing and you might even forget to move forward during ashwa sanchalanasana. The stretching of the knees should be appropriate not too much as it may induce some sort of pain. For this you should focus on one leg at a time ,bend your knee properly and then move your other leg, bend it and straighten it .

Rushing into increasing the number of sets of Surya Namaskar

Start gradually do not rush into increasing the sets as it will be very tiring you might not be able to notice the mistakes that you are doing. When you slow down you can understand each and every step properly and if you are not doing asanas properly you can even notice pain and be careful about it next time.

Not performing a complete cycle

Surya namaskar is a 12 step exercise and you will need to start from pranam asana and return back to it for the completion of one cycle and then you can start another cycle . Remember to complete one full cycle first before jumping on to another.

Not being present in the moment

You will have to be fully conscious about your activities during the sun salutation so you can notice minute details about yourself like breathing in and out, muscle strain, body pain and hurting yourself during the exercise.

Not increasing sets gradually

Surya namaskar is a step by step process and should be done in 12 rounds but don’t be in a hurry to complete rounds. A round is complete when both left and right leg turns are taken one by one but as a beginner, you should gradually increase the rounds and take breaks in between. It might take you a few days to complete 12 rounds but don’t worry it is part of the process.

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