COVID-19 Yoga for weight loss

Yoga for weight loss – 10 easy yoga poses for effective weight loss

Key highlights
  • Yoga needs minimum exercise tools. There is no need for the equipment, you just need a yoga mat and yoga blocks or support (if you are a beginner), these can be skipped if you are in a natural space.
  • Yoga for weight loss is a gradual process that requires optimum time to reduce fat. It improves strength, flexibility, boosts immunity.
COVID-19 Yoga for Immunity

Yoga for immunity boost in COVID-19

Key Highlights
  • Practising yoga for immunity boost is a magnificent method and loosens up the mind.
  • There are some yoga acts that help boost organs and speed  up their function
  • Try to add these yoga asanas to your daily schedule to stay fit both physically and mentally.
COVID-19 Mental Health

Yoga for Anxiety and Stress

Your breath is very deeply connected with your emotions so when emotions have such strong control over breath then while using the tool of the breath you can calm various emotions like anxiety, stress and depression. Yoga can help with anxiety and stress.